Nationwide Data on Education Maintenance & Operations

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Seven Operations Indices Analyzed. One Data-Packed Report.

In 2017, Dude Solutions unveiled its first Education Operations Health Index. Now, we're proud to say we have released the 2018 annual installment that has even more information for you to use to transform your operations. More data, more indices, more responses from your peers and more value to you.

Knowing the outlook of integral aspects of operations is invaluable to making strategic decisions. Our 2018 report includes the following indices with a breakdown of each:

    1. Preventive Maintenance
    2. Deferred Maintenance
    3. Predictive Maintenance & Internet of Things
    4. Community Use of Facilities
    5. Technology Management
    6. Energy
    7. Safety
Tapping into actionable data on these indices is the key to taking your operations from good to great. Fill out the form to get your free copy of the 2018 Education Operations Health Index report and start making a difference.

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