Building Operating Management and Dude Solutions Survey shows more than two-thirds of organizations report a growing demand for operations and maintenance data analysis and reporting.

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A recent survey conducted by Building Operating Management in partnership with Dude Solutions shows that a growing number of facility managers understand how data and business intelligence can help them operate their facilities more efficiently, justify their capital and operating budgets, and communicate the value of their work. At the same time, most find their efforts to produce and analyze this data constrained.

Smart facility managers know that investments in physical assets — such as sound preventive maintenance and appropriate upgrades — will reduce long-term facility costs. But do you have the solid data to support those assertions?

Getting useful data is an opportunity not only to justify investments in facilities, but also to improve facility performance. This white paper examines the benefits of having good facility data, and explains both how to get it and how to use it to support business goals.


  • What are the benefits of having good facility data?
  • How can you use data to support business goals?
  • What kind of data do Facilities Managers most often seek?
  • What five reports do Facilities Managers use most?
  • How is business intelligence changing the role of the Facilities Manager?

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