Setting up for Success:
Unlocking Events
July 30 at 2pm ET | 11am PT

If you're looking to get your school's event scheduling started in the right direction, join us for July's Setting up for Success Webinar on Facility Scheduling.

Webinar FAQs

  1. What will I learn?
    Best practices taken from your most successful peers. Pro-tips from our product experts.
  2. I have a specific question about my school... can you help?
    Absolutely, that's what we're here for. This will be an excellent opportunity to get your questions answered—and maybe learn something from others' questions, too.
  3. Who should come?
    Anyone (everyone) who wants to learn how to set-up and use your SchoolDude events scheduling tools.
  4. What other "Setting up for Success" Webinars will there be?
    We'll be covering all the different SchoolDude tools over the coming months... click here to check out a list of what's next!