Maximize Your Community's Efficiency: 5 Areas of Untapped Savings

It's a common story in today's world of senior living communities — more residents, increasing demands, and tighter budgets and resources. With this being the case, it's become an industry-wide challenge for operations teams to find the tools to measure and increase efficiency, on top of meeting expectations to be evolving with renovations, upgrades and technology.

How do you currently manage these challenges? How do your peer communities?

Join us for our on-demand webinar, Maximize Your Community's Efficiency: 5 Areas of Untapped Savings. You'll learn:

  • How two communities have established more efficient processes to increase staff collaboration and resident satisfaction
  • How to improve the efficiency of your assets, staff, budgeting, energy management and contract work
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to monitor and benchmark your performance against
  • How communities are using technology and data to create more efficiencies, without expending too many resources


David Richardson, Senior Facilities Operations Consultant, Dude Solutions

John Burke, Corporate Director, Buildings and Grounds, HumanGood

Keith Tague, Corporate Maintenance Director, Pathway Senior Living

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