Watch it again: GIS – What, Why and How?

There’s a lot of buzz these days about ‘GIS’ applications – but what exactly are they, and how can they help make a difference for your school?  Simply put, Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, is an easy way to get your building map data online and available to those who need it, via a web browser or mobile device. Utilizing a GIS platform ensures information is readily available for a top to bottom view of your operational data.

Many higher education institutions have already started using GIS data on their campus. In this video, Steve Hibbard and Jon Zickermann with Concordia University shared how simple it was for their campus to get their data onto a GIS platform – without an architect!

Benefits of GIS:

-Graphical, location-based database of interior and exterior information
-Catalogue of facilities information and trends that mitigates the knowledge-loss associated with employee turnover
-Ability to access and share maps from anywhere with an internet connection

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